Some Frequently Asked Questions by clients

Q) You’re a Marriage and Family Therapist, but I’d like to come see you alone, is that a problem?
A) Absolutely not, I see lots of people individually.

Q) Do you work with couples? What kind?
A) I see all kinds of couples: married or unmarried, gay or straight, long-term or newly gotten together.

Q) Do you work with kids?
A) I don’t work with anyone under the age of 18, but I know some very good therapists who do and will be glad to refer you.

Q) How long are your sessions? Do I have to come every week?
A) My sessions are 45 minutes long and happen every week or every other week, depending on your situation. You should know, though, that research shows that weekly therapy is more effective than every other week. My clients who have successfully “graduated” from therapy tell me about the same.

Q) Can’t a coach do about the same thing for me as a therapist?
A) Actually, no. While there are some really good therapists who switch to coaching, there is no requirement that a coach have any education, license or certification. They are not bound to confidentiality by any laws and are not required to keep the same boundaries as a therapist. They are not trained to identify or treat any conditions and are not required to keep up with new developments in their field.

Q) How do I set up an appointment?
A) All services are by appointment only. It is important to call and have a scheduled session set up just for you. It is not possible to drop by as the office is closed unless a scheduled session is taking place.

Q) I’d like to do some deeper work, but my insurance company will only pay for 6 sessions. Do you do longer term work as well?
A) I do both long and short term therapy. Research shows that therapy does work, but that short term work will generally help solve a specific problem, while longer work can get to the root of issues. Sometimes it’s useful to let yourself build a trusting and safe relationship with a therapist to help you get to the deeper issues that keep coming up over and over in your life.

Q) I want to do some couple’s work but my spouse/partner won’t come with me. I feel stuck.
A) It’s a common issue and many people who are in this situation find that they can change their relationship by changing themselves first. Coming in alone without your partner can be very helpful to you and your relationship.

Q) I think some things in my past are holding me back, can you help with that?
A) Probably therapy can help. It’s useful to give yourself one or two sessions to explore the nature of what you feel is going on. Often people who come in about one thing find out that their issue is not as complicated or scary as they had feared.

Q)Do you give homework assignments?
A) I do for those people who want to work on their issues outside of therapy. I find it can sometimes speed up the process.

Q) Do you give medications?
A) No, I am not a medical doctor, I have a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. I do sometimes refer people to their medical doctor if I think they might have a condition that is causing them problems or I think they might need medication. I do work with acupuncturists or naturopathic doctors if that is what my clients prefer.