Choosing a Therapist

Choosing a Therapist
Sometimes newcomers to therapy don’t know what to ask when interviewing a new therapist. Here are some questions you may wish to consider when Choosing a Therapist:

  1. What experience do you have serving people with my issues? A good therapist can tell you about his/her areas of expertise and can refer you someone for the issues with which they have less experience.
  2. What other certifications do you have? Competent therapists seek out many hours of additional training each year. Additional certifications can mean that your therapist is able to address issues at a deeper level and with more expertise.
  3. Do you consult with other professionals? You may want a therapist who consults with a group of clinicians ( who restrict the information about their clients to protect client’s confidentiality) so you benefit from input from other professionals.
  4. What approaches do you use in therapy? In counseling one size generally does not fit all, so your therapist should be versed in a variey of treatment methods. Be sure to ask if they are certified to treat using those for some require additional certification. Examples of treatment methods include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, EMDR (certification required), gestalt,and Narrative therapy among others.
  5. Ask yourself if you’re comfortable. You should be comfortable with a therapist but still expect to be challenged. He or she should provide you with suppport beyond what you can get from self-help. A good therapist stays current on the latest evidence based treatments.